Free of charge ECDL courses

A total commitment towards lifelong education, this is the credo of the Birkirkara Local Council for the years to come. To substantiate our philosophy the Local Council is proud to announce the introduction of the ECDL (European computer driving license) completely free of charge. In conjunction with TCTC one of Malta’s top IT organizations and thanks to the sponsorship provided by GISED foundation, the Council was able to offer these courses to our residents.
We are very proud to be the pioneers in offering this kind of course free of charge, hoping that other Local Councils would follow suite.
In a complex competitive working environment, the current administration felt the need to offer this essential qualification to all those interested in beginning a career in the Computer sector, or simply using this European recognized qualification as a gateway for employment opportunities. The social need for such a scheme was very high; in fact our Mayor Michael Fenech Adami with the aid of all our stakeholders made all this possible, as a result the gap between the have and the have knots will dramatically decrease.
To make this project possible, the Local Council invested in a new state of the art computer lab, which now makes the Civic centre able to cater for all the students and lectures needs.

Oct 18, 2006

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